We support the efforts of countless researchers around the world making remote sensing data freely available for environmental research. We do not consider the data obtained as our property. Whenever possible (with the consent of our clients) we make these data available, in terms of exchange. In other words: Receive data <> give data. The information obtained in this way is provided free of charge and freely available. Data collected with drones, whenever possible, should be freely available and will be bound to the idea of "Creative Commons", of course, with strict protection of personal rights and privacy. Through our long experience in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) we are well connected to exchange information and experiences with others partners around the globe. A monopolized and enclosed application of this technology would be, in our opinion, counterproductive and inflammatory to any development. We are convinced that networking and the free exchange of knowledge and experience has a greater dynamic of creativity and innovation that foreclosure monopoly. If we act now, we are able to achieve this goal with our own hands and thereby positioning us permanently in this field of work. For this reason, we will set up an Internet platform for exchange and networking purposes. The information obtained will be managed transparently on this platform and will be freely available.