The use of this technology provides quick access to spatial data.


Among other things it is interesting


  • for science in the field of ecology and environment
  • for planning of environmental projects
  • for monitoring environmental projects such as reforestation
  • for agricultural producers
  • for groups and organizations with few financial resources
  • for community projects in rural areas


Drones provide the following advantages


  • Self-determination of the moment of recording.
  • Photos taken from very low altitudes with drones prevents atmospheric disturbance.  Therefore they should not be corrected as satellite images, which is a very hard work and often leads to incorrect results.
  • Fine resolution because the images are taken from low altitudes.
  • Adapting to the requirements of the study area.
  • The production of images and data is inexpensive. One of our goals is to keep costs down without compromising quality.
  • Creates independence because the production lies in our own hands.
  • Easy training for interested people.
  • Quick delivery of results.
  • High accuracy through the rectification with ground control points. 

Villa Carlos Green (Tabasco) -  2015 - Despegue de un "Skywalker X8"